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This site was originally created as a means of communicating information about GrandMa Cobb in 2004.  It proved so effective that we elected to continue it and expand its focus to cover news and photos about the extended Cobb family.

In 2010, a blog was added to communicate Jan’s progress in her battle with breast cancer to her many interested and caring friends.  After Jan was declared in remission, the blog was not used much and the site evolved into a vehicle for displaying photos of our activities accompanied by a few articles here and there.

Our 2012 trips to Canada and our 2013 trips to Michigan and Europe rekindled the need for an easy means of documenting and communicating our activities for family and friends.  We began posting blog updates via iPhone in addition to our PC based posts.

Given that most family members now have smartphones and / or tablets, the need to present our web site content in a format compatible those devices was recognized in early 2014 and we began casting about for web development tools supporting adaptive formats.

In 2014 we converted the web site from a traditional non-adaptive static web site with an associated Breakfast at 7 blog into an adaptive blog based web site.  Content from the the old web site and the Breakfast at 7 blog was the starting point for the new site.

Thanks for dropping by!  Hope you enjoy your trip through our world!

— Bill

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