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France and Italy Trip Itinerary

Our itinerary is outlined in the table below and the map below the table.

Schedule and Destinations

Rows highlighted in orange represent days of "relaxed" sightseeing.  Days highlighted in gray typically include a combination of city to city travel mixed with sightseeing.  We tried to keep a good balance between the two, but frankly there is too little time to enjoy everything on our list in depth.  Also, as you can tell from the destinations on the list, our favorite sightseeing destinations are smaller towns.  However the opportunities to again visit Paris, and to touch Marseille and Bordeaux for the first time were too good to pass so we kept them in the list and accepted the fact that we may have to shortchange other destinations.

As we found on our last whirlwind tour of Europe, we expect our pace to slacken after the half way mark and to periodically enjoy nice sights from a park bench with a block of cheese, a loaf of bread, and a bottle of nice local wine.  Contrary to thoughts of this being our last trip to Europe, there is always the potential of another trip to cover something we missed ... or something new ...

Day Date Activity Comment
Tuesday 10/8 Depart Atlanta  
Wednesday 10/9 Tour Paris Arrive in Paris ~8:00am. 
Reservations at Hotel Prince Albert Louvre, 5 Rue Saint Hyacinthe, Paris, France  Telephone +33-142615836
Thursday 10/10 Tour Paris  
Friday 10/11 Drive to Aosta Italy
(location B on map)
667 km / ~8 hours travel time. 
Reservations at Hotel Diana, Località Saint Benin 1/B, Pollein, IT  Telephone +39016553120
Saturday 10/12 Quick tour of Aosta;
drive to Parma Italy (C);
tour Parma
310 km / ~4 hours travel time.
Sunday 10/13 Tour Parma and surrounding area  
Monday 10/14 Drive to Montepulciano (D);
check into villa
295 km / ~4 hours travel time
Tuesday 10/15 Tour area around Montepulciano  
Wednesday 10/16 Tour area around Montepulciano  
Thursday 10/17 Tour area around Montepulciano  
Friday 10/18 Tour area around Montepulciano  
Saturday 10/19 Depart Montepulciano;
drive to Pisa(E);
tour Pisa
193 km / ~3 hours travel time
Sunday 10/20 Tour Pisa  
Monday 10/21 Depart Pisa;
drive to Marseille, France (F);
tour Marseille
558 km / ~ 6 hours travel time
Tuesday 10/22 Tour Marseille  
Wednesday 10/23 Depart Marseille;
drive to Millau, France (G);
tour Millau
282 km / ~3.5 hours travel time
Thursday 10/24 Depart Millau;
drive to Rocamadour, France (H);
tour Rocamadour, Cote Religieuse, etc
172 km / ~3.5 hours travel time
Friday 10/25 Tour Rocamadour;
depart Rocamadour;
drive to Sarlat-la-Caneda, France (I)
51 km / ~1.5 hours travel time
Saturday 10/26 Tour the area between
Sarlat-la-Caneda (I) and Bergerac (J)
Sunday 10/27 Tour the area between
Sarlat-la-Caneda and Bergerac
Monday 10/28 Depart  Sarat-la-Caneda;
drive to Bordeaux (K);
tour Bordeaux
178 km / ~ 4.5 hours travel time
Tuesday 10/29 Depart Bordeaux;
drive to Le Pouliguen (N);
tour the Le Pouliguen area
421 km / ~ 5.5 hours travel time.  The drive will take us up the coast through Rochefort (L) and La Rochelle (M).  We will join the bridge group at Le Pouliguen. 
Wednesday 10/30 Bridge; 
tour the Le Pouliguen area
Thursday 10/31 Bridge; 
tour the Le Pouliguen area
Friday 11/1 Tour the Le Pouliguen area  
Saturday 11/2 Tour the Le Pouliguen area  
Sunday 11/3 Tour the Le Pouliguen area  
Monday 11/4 Tour the Le Pouliguen area  
Tuesday 11/5 Depart Le Pouliguen;
drive to Mont St Michel (O)
226 km / ~ 3 hours travel time
Wednesday 11/6 Depart Mont St Michel;
drive to Le Mans (P);
tour Le Mans
180 km / ~ 3 hours travel time
Thursday 11/7 Depart Le Mans;
drive to  Blois (Q) and
Chateau de Chambord;
tour Blois & Chateau de Chambord
145 km / ~ 2 hours travel time
Friday 11/8 Depart Blois;
drive to Paris (R)
186 km / ~ 2.5 hours travel time.  Catch flight back to USA

Route Overview

Click on the link below the map to open a Google map showing our destinations, mileage, and estimated travel times.  Note that the map will not open properly in a phone browser due to its multiple stops.

View Larger Map with Legend to Stops