Ian’s Celebration of Learning

    The boys — Ian, Oliver, Everett, and Andrew — at Ian’s “Celebration of Learning” open house at Oakhurst Elementary on December 6, 2016.

    We can’t think of a greater way to start the Christmas season than joining Gretchen D’Huyvetter Cobb and these four young men for an open house at Ian and Andrew’s school this evening. The topic was a Celebration of Learning by Ian’s class showcasing their recent studies of cultures. Gramma Jan and I were impressed with the material they covered and Ian’s good explanations of their studies. Thank you Ian!!

    Oliver and Gramma Jan


    Jan and I were in the “Little Shop of Stories”, a child-friendly book shop on the square in Decatur, with Oliver this afternoon. Our outings with Oliver usually involve some form of physical activity, but today it was hot and Gretchen suggested that we try the book shop. He and I played with the train set in the sitting area for a while, visiting with other children who stopped by the area. He soon tired of that and wandered through the book shelves until he found a few books that intrigued him and brought them back to Gramma Jan for her to read to him. It was fun watching them together. Oliver is normally full of energy and bounds off after a short reading session, looking for a new challenge. Today he and Jan read three or four books before the magic wore off. The time was a nice treat for Jan and Oliver.

    A few photos of the moment are in the Gallery.  Click here to view them.

    Ian is 6!!

    Happy Birthday Ian!!

    Grandma Jan and I had the privilege of attending the celebration of his sixth birthday with his friends on September 27th at James and Gretchen’s Decatur home. The weather was great and the kids enjoyed being able to run and play outdoors. Ian’s guests were a nice mix of his kindergarten classmates plus neighborhood friends.

    It was a great party.  Ian was a great host greeting every arrival with a big hug and cheery hello, and Gretchen and James did a masterful job of keeping the kids busy and entertained throughout the afternoon. (more…)

    Oliver’s Second Birthday

    Oliver prepares to blow out the candles on his birthday cupcakes. Others stand by in case he needs help 🙂

    Oliver’s second birthday party was a big occasion this year serving as his birthday celebration, a “coming out” party for Everett, and Izabella’s four month celebration. Thanks to Gretchen and James for taking the time out of their busier than ever schedules to put on the celebration. (more…)

    Hood Circle Field Trip Team adds new member

    Photo of Oliver, Andrew, Ian, and Gramma Jan at Fernbank Science Center
    Oliver, Andrew, Ian, and Gramma Jan at Fernbank Science Center

    The Hood Circle Field Trip Team headed to Fernbank Science Center this morning with new member Oliver in tow. Gramma Jan and I have taken Ian and Andrew on a number of field trips to local points of interest. It was obvious as we left Hood Circle for the most recent outings that Oliver (who will turn 2 in early August) felt he should join us. Gretchen managed these situations well, but Oliver’s development and his new status as a Big Brother make it time to include him in our outings. (more…)

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