Congratulations Abby!!

    Abby has had a monster week.

    It started on Saturday, November 11th, with the Miss Parkview Pageant in Lilburn where she was the first runner-up. Her cheering gallery included Mom & Dad, Chace, Julie, Izzy, Gramma Jan and Bill.

    Abby, Izzy and proud Dad John

    Second up was the Parkview High School Cross Country Awards Banquet on Tuesday night, November 14th. She received a number of awards including her third varsity cross country letter (count does not include her track letters), the scholar athlete award, and a Coaches Award from Coach Richard King. The latter was very special to Abby, as it was totally unexpected and is a good commentary on Abby’s improvement over the four years she ran for Coach King.

    Abby with Coach Richard King
    Abby with John and Sharon

    Third was hearing from the University of Georgia on Friday, November 17th that she has been accepted into their Class of 2022 through their “Early Action” process. Abby was nervous about her application given the competitiveness of being accepted at UGA these days. She had a few fallback schools, but really wanted to join brother Chace at UGA. Her efforts and prayers were answered.

    Congratulations Abby!! We all are proud of you!!

    Click here to see more photos of Abby’s week.

    Congratulations Chace!

    Photo of Chace with his high school diploma
    Chace being congratulated by a faculty member after receiving his diploma.

    Chace, congratulations on graduating from Parkview High School!!  All of your family are very proud you, and look forward to watching you move into the next phase of your life at the University of Georgia next fall.

    Sharon, John, and Abby were joined by Gramma Jan, Bill, James, and Dan at the graduation ceremony on May 21st.  Julie sent her best wishes from Las Vegas (business trip) and Gretchen and the boys sent their best wishes from her and James’ new home in Decatur.

    Photos of the graduation ceremony have been added to the Chace Graduation Activities album in the Gallery.  They need no introduction — Chace is easy to spot in all of them — he is the tall person covered by an ear to ear grin.

    Chace’s Last Week!!

    photo of Chace and his family
    John, Abby, Chace, and Sharon at the Baccalaureate Service

    Chace begins his last week as a student at Parkview High School this week.  I’ll let that sink in for a moment. Chace is graduating.  How can this be?  He is only six!  We wish.

    Our congratulations go to Chace, John, and Sharon.  You all have made it happen and we are proud of you.

    The past several weeks have been an enjoyable whirlwind of activities leading up to Chace’s graduation this Thursday, May 21st.  I won’t try and recap the activities here, but refer you to the “Chace’s Graduation Activities” photo album in the gallery.  Click here to view the album.

    Incidentally, May 21st is also GrandMa Cobb’s birthday.  It would have been her 96th.  I am confident she is beaming with pride over the prospects of one of her great-grandchildren again making that day special.

    We have a short timer …

    John, Abby, Chace, and Sharon at the Parkview Track Senior Recognition event in Lilburn.
    John, Abby, Chace, and Sharon at the Parkview Track Senior Recognition event in Lilburn.

    Chace has officially adopted a “short timer’s” attitude.  I asked what he was looking forward to this spring, and his answer was “getting out of high school”!  We’ve been there Chace and can commiserate with you.  Mom Sharon is doing her best to motivate him to stay on top of his remaining studies.

    Parkview’s Track Senior Class of 2015 was recognized on April 3rd at the Parkview Stadium.  It was nice to see the coaches and team recognize the Seniors for their contributions over their track careers at Parkview.  A few photos are in the Gallery; click here to view them.

    After the ceremony, we adjourned to their favorite local Mexican restaurant to continue the celebration and send off John, Sharon, Chace, and Abby to their vacation cruise (they left home at 3:30AM the next morning).

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