Bob Adams

    Bob Adams
    Bob at Aonia Pass MX Park in May of 2013

    My good friend Bob Adams passed away on May 30th, 2013. I will miss Bob. He was a good friend, a great husband and father, a good leader for his department at EKU, a good all around athlete, and a really good motorcycle racer.

    Bob’s enthusiasm for life inspired all of us who knew him well. I was amazed at the range of occupations, ages, and interests represented by those who attended the memorial service on June 29th. And by the time frames represented by the friends. Friends from high school and college like me mingled easily and had a lot in common with Bob’s children and with his “newer” friends from the academic world and the motorcycling community.

    That was Bob.  He never met a stranger.  He offered the same consistent face, personality, and values to everyone he met be they a college professor, a carpenter, a motorcycle racer, a prospective son or daughter-in-law, or a grandchild.

    You immediately liked and remembered Bob because of his enthusiasm for life, and his willingness to live it on his terms. The stories of Bob recounted in the service were priceless and brought tears to the eyes of the manliest attendees, but to me they were memorable because regardless of source or point of view all reflected the same Bob. A Bob that was true to himself and not the expectations of others.

    Bob, you set a great example for us, and I will miss you.

    2013 Trip North

    Our 2013 summer trip will focus on midwestern states which Mom has not seen: Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. We deferred our original 2013 Alaskan travel plans in order to take advantage of an opportunity to spend a month in France and Italy this fall with KSA friends. The choice was not difficult, and we will list the Alaska trip in ink for our 2014 travels.

    The 2013 trip’s route was built around Mom’s desire to visit Chicago, her interest in a family of Bald Eagles living in Decorah Iowa, and her interest in seeing the Great Lakes. Walla, a ready made agenda. Timing was an issue until good friend Bob Adams passed away and his family scheduled a memorial service for June 29th in eastern Kentucky.

    Timing was tight for our departure. Ham radio Field Day fell on June 22nd & 23rd and Bill had volunteered to co-captain one of the six stations that operate around the clock Saturday and Sunday during Field Day. Bill also wanted to install a drip watering system to preserve the flowers in our yard during our absence. Murphy stayed away however (OK, he seriously underestimated the drip watering system job) and we were able to make our departure as scheduled on June 28th

    Follow us here as we enjoy our 2013 summer swing to the north.

    The day after …

    Fox News Poster Girl!!

    Jan had her fourth infusion session yesterday.  This was a session in which she received all three medications and from which she can expect some negative side effects — but as James was quick to point out, it also means that we’re at two down and four to go!!

    She slept most of yesterday afternoon after we returned from the infusion center.  I think she had worried about the session a lot and not slept well several days before the session.  Today she has had a pretty good day.  A bit draggy & tired, but feeling OK.  I expect this will last through the weekend if the last cycle is a good model.

    The pace of hair loss is increasing, but wig, hats, and scarves are at hand when she is ready to venture out.  She is comfortable with her appearance in them around family and close friends, but not yet with the general public.  We’ll hang close to  home for a few days and let her build up her strength and comfort with the head coverings.  Fortunately it rained today, and is expected to do so tomorrow as well.  Good weather for indoor activities like naps, reading, and taxes.

    We love cancer success stories and were heartened today to learn that good friend Bob Adams, also a cancer patient, was declared in remission by MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.  Bob, if you are reading this, congratulations to you and Connie!!  You continue in our thoughts.

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