Congratulations Adeline!

    Julie and Dan started the New Year off by celebrating Adeline’s birthday. During our drive to the party, Jan and I reminisced about SnowJam 2017 that accompanied Adeline’s birth a year ago today, and how quiet Atlanta’s streets were as we drove to the hospital. This year’s weather is cold with no snow – hooray! – but lots of traffic as folks gather in Atlanta for the UGA Alabama championship game Monday night!

    Adeline’s birthday was celebrated in grand style.  Julie did a great job of decorating the house, she and Izzy were great hostesses, and Dan whipped up a great lunch for the crowd of Cobbs and Fields.  Thanks for including us in the celebration Julie, Dan and Izzy!  Photos are in the 2018 Gallery.

    Dan, Julie and Adeline celebrate Adeline’s birthday on January 6th, 2018. Happy Birthday Adeline!!

    Adeline Margaret Fields

    Adeline Margaret Fields

    Welcome Adeline Margaret Fields to Julie, Dan, and Izzy’s family. She arrived on January 6th and has already captivated a number of hearts around the Fields and Cobb households. Congratulations Julie, Dan, and Izzy.

    A few more photos of her first day are available in the Gallery. Click here to view them.

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