Sarah has been busy …

Sarah's new home is marked with purple pin; Jen's home with red pin.
Sarah’s new home is marked with a purple pin; Jen’s home with a red pin.

Since we departed from Sarasota in February Sarah has maintained a pace that makes me want a nap!

If you recall, Farah and her children moved into Sarah’s 2 bedroom apartment in February due to Farah’s job change.  Sarah and Jen took on the caretaker role for Farah’s children while she worked, keeping both Jen and Sarah busy.

In the midst of this (late April), Sarah happened upon a house in foreclosure that was located 150 feet from Jennifer and Mike’s home.  It was too good an opportunity to pass up.  At that time Sarah walked or biked 1.3 miles to visit Jen, Mike, and Christopher.  The new location meant that she could easily pop in to visit and help with the children. Better yet, Jen and Mike would be readily available to help Sarah as her needs increased.

The issues surrounding purchasing the house out of foreclosure are too numerous to recount here, but in the end her tenacity and attention to details prevailed and she closed on the house in mid-June.  She has been repairing and improving the house since, and moved in last week.

It sounds like a very nice house for her — 2br, 2ba, screened lanai with a small garden, attached garage, fenced back yard, tiled interior floors.  And its location on the street paralleling Jennifer & Mike’s home is unbeatable.  Sarah’s new home is marked in the photo with a purple pin; Jen’s home is marked with a red pin.

The Info Center has been updated with Sarah’s new address; her email and phone info remain the same.

Our congratulations to Sarah!!

PS Farah and her children moved to other accommodations prior to Sarah’s move into the new house.  Details will be posted as they become available.

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