Innkeeper’s Gazette changes

We have reorganized Innkeeper’s Gazette from a traditional static web site containing a blog into a blog driven web site. The goal remains the same — to present family news and photos — but the blog format should make it easier to update our readers quickly as things happen. We tried the format during our Europe trip last fall and found that the approach worked well.

Contents of the discontinued Breakfast at 7 blog are included in our new home page / blog. If you are interested in reviewing posts from Jan’s 2010 battle with breast cancer, click on the “Janet” tag link or click on the “older” pages link until you see 2010 posts.

Menu links from the old home page and the Breakfast at 7 blog are included in the menu above, and (should) provide the ability to get to all of the old pages.

A secondary goal of the changes was to present the blog and photo gallery in a format that supports easy reading on PCs, smartphones and tablets. We have been experimenting with new software since last spring and find that it does a good job of adapting to the variety of screen sizes we use. Pages sizes and menus scale and adjust to be readable on whatever screen size is used to access them. Unfortunately the legacy pages don’t, so you may have to squint, pinch, and zoom to read them on smaller devices until I can come up with a better solution.

A few of the old pages have cosmetic formatting issues which will be addressed as time permits. If you notice anything catastrophic, please let me know via the Contact Us page.

There is one quirk in the gallery software that takes a bit of getting used to. Large format images open with their caption, sharing button, and close button hidden. The feature is there to facilitate viewing images on smaller screen formats without the clutter imposed by our comments (witness the long comment associated with the photo of Mom sitting in Saint Severin church in Paris). To see the caption and the buttons, tap the image; to hide them again, tap the image again. If this continues to be an issue with me, I may reverse the process and set up the gallery so the larger format images open with the comments and buttons exposed. In that case, tapping the image will make them disappear.

Thanks for your patience!

— The Innkeeper

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