Chace’s Last Week!!

photo of Chace and his family
John, Abby, Chace, and Sharon at the Baccalaureate Service

Chace begins his last week as a student at Parkview High School this week.  I’ll let that sink in for a moment. Chace is graduating.  How can this be?  He is only six!  We wish.

Our congratulations go to Chace, John, and Sharon.  You all have made it happen and we are proud of you.

The past several weeks have been an enjoyable whirlwind of activities leading up to Chace’s graduation this Thursday, May 21st.  I won’t try and recap the activities here, but refer you to the “Chace’s Graduation Activities” photo album in the gallery.  Click here to view the album.

Incidentally, May 21st is also GrandMa Cobb’s birthday.  It would have been her 96th.  I am confident she is beaming with pride over the prospects of one of her great-grandchildren again making that day special.

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  1. From Sarah:
    Congratulations to everyone involved…. John, Sharon, Abby, Bill, Jan, and extended village. We know it takes a village of support! […] I was thinking about Buff yesterday, recalling how much faith she had, and wondering if she had only imagined then how much her prayers affected future generations. Chace, know you were prayed about for generations ahead of your birth. Continue the legacy. Love, Sarah

    [Buff is Elizabeth Moreland, Mema’s sister. Her birthday was May 17th.]

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