Congratulations Adeline!

    Julie and Dan started the New Year off by celebrating Adeline’s birthday. During our drive to the party, Jan and I reminisced about SnowJam 2017 that accompanied Adeline’s birth a year ago today, and how quiet Atlanta’s streets were as we drove to the hospital. This year’s weather is cold with no snow – hooray! – but lots of traffic as folks gather in Atlanta for the UGA Alabama championship game Monday night!

    Adeline’s birthday was celebrated in grand style.  Julie did a great job of decorating the house, she and Izzy were great hostesses, and Dan whipped up a great lunch for the crowd of Cobbs and Fields.  Thanks for including us in the celebration Julie, Dan and Izzy!  Photos are in the 2018 Gallery.

    Dan, Julie and Adeline celebrate Adeline’s birthday on January 6th, 2018. Happy Birthday Adeline!!

    Adeline Margaret Fields

    Adeline Margaret Fields

    Welcome Adeline Margaret Fields to Julie, Dan, and Izzy’s family. She arrived on January 6th and has already captivated a number of hearts around the Fields and Cobb households. Congratulations Julie, Dan, and Izzy.

    A few more photos of her first day are available in the Gallery. Click here to view them.

    Happy Birthday Julie

    by Gramma Jan

    A proud Mom and Julie
    Julie with her proud Mom

    November 30, 1980 was a banner day for the Cobb family in ATL. Our beautiful baby girl, Julie Marie Cobb, arrived in our lives on a Sunday evening at 5:49 pm! Julie completed our family of 5 and brought joy and sunshine into all our lives. She still brightens our lives every day! Happy Birthday Jules!❤️🎂🎊🎉🎄

    Chomp & Stomp

    Bill, Gramma Jan, Barbara & Fred Bradshaw, Claudia Gimson, Julie and Izzy headed for Chomp and Stomp in Cabbagetown on November 5th to sample Dan’s chili and cheer for him to win the chili cooking competition.

    Dan, Izzy and Julie at Chomp and Stomp
    Dan, Izzy and Julie at Chomp and Stomp
    Izzy thought Dada's chili was the best!
    Izzy thought Dada’s chili was the best!

    Chomp & Stomp is a Chili Cook-off and Bluegrass Festival that benefits Cabbagetown parks and community center.  This year over 70 individual chili teams entered the competition, and Dan’s was one of the 70.

    The day was gorgeous and the venue — a short walk from Julie and Dan’s Grant Park home — was absolutely packed with spectators.  We sampled lots of chili from lots of different vendors (verdict: it was all delicious!), visited with Dan and his team for a short time and then headed back to Julie’s to hang out and put Izzy down for a nap.  John and Sharon dropped by on their way into Chomp & Stomp so we also had a nice visit with them.

    We have not heard if Dan won a prize for his chili.  He should have.

    Izzy’s Day

    Julie, Dan, and Izzy at Izzy's baptism
    Julie, Dan, and Izzy at Izzy’s baptism

    Izzy had an event filled day last Sunday, March 29th.  She was baptized Sunday morning and celebrated her baptism and first birthday that afternoon.  Participants in her activities included local family and friends and Fields family members who traveled from Canada for the celebrations. (more…)

    Catch-up time!

    Bet you thought I forgot about posting here!

    Oliver and Izzy visit after dinner at our November Birthday Bash.

    We have two new photo albums in the Gallery.  The first is from the family’s annual November Birthday Bash which was held at James and Gretchen’s home on Sunday, November 16th.  Thanks to Gretchen and James for hosting it, and to everyone else for their food contributions.  Grandma Jan and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with the adults, but as you will see from the photos, the grandkids were the highlight of the event.  It was great watching them interacting and getting to know each other better.

    Chace and Abby with John and Sharon at the Carrollton Invitational Cross Country Meet in September.

    The second album chronicles Chace and Abby’s end of year Cross Country Awards Banquet.  I was able to attend a number of their meets this year and really enjoyed watching them and their teammates compete with teams from other schools and enjoy the camaraderie that only team sports brings.  The banquet, organized by Sharon, was the icing on the season cake for Chace, Abby, and their teammates.  Congratulations to our elder grandchildren for their great seasons.

    If you missed our photos of Chace and Abby in action at  several 2014 meets, click here to view the album.

    Gallery Updates

    We’ve actually been quite busy, although you wouldn’t know it from our (lack of) posts here!  I’m sure Jan has a plan to make me atone for my sins of omission, but while she was coming up with something I got busy and posted a few new photos to our Gallery. (more…)

    Julie named Community Manager of the Year

    Gables Residential plaque announcing Julie as the corporation's Community Manager of the Year
    Julie was recognized as Gables Residential’s corporate Community Manager of the Year in February of 2014

    This should be titled “Hiding your light under a bushel #1”, but we will let her off the hook since Julie did let me know and I neglected to post it for our readers.

    Julie was named corporate Community Manager of the Year by Gables Residential in February of 2014.  This is quite an honor, as she was competing for the award with all Gables Residential’s Community Managers.

    We are confident that her selection was largely influenced by her successful rollout of the Gables Emory Point property, one of two premier properties in Gables Residential’s property portfolio (the other being in Texas). (more…)

    Izabella’s first car ride

    IMG_1329Julie, Dan, and Izabella departed Piedmont Hospital for home earlier today. Mom Julie reports that they feel they are ready for the next step of their adventure as Izabella had several good nights at Piedmont and is nursing well. She seems to have quickly adapted to car travel, provided her pacifier is handy. Too cute.

    Click on the photo to visit the Izabella photo album, or click on Gallery, then Izabella in the menu above.

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