Happy Birthday James!

    By Gramma Jan

    On this day, December 5, 1977, James William Cobb arrived into our world in Fountain Valley, California … James added a new dimension to our then family of 3 … John being 10 years older than his new sibling.

    James was a big baby who has grown into a big and good man! Bill and I are proud of his many accomplishments … not the least of which is his soulmate, Gretchen, and their four boys!!

    Happy Birthday James. Dad and I love you!

    James, Gretchen and the boys at Oliver's birthday party, August 2015.
    James, Gretchen and the boys at Oliver’s birthday party, August 9th, 2015.

    Happy Birthday Julie

    by Gramma Jan

    A proud Mom and Julie
    Julie with her proud Mom

    November 30, 1980 was a banner day for the Cobb family in ATL. Our beautiful baby girl, Julie Marie Cobb, arrived in our lives on a Sunday evening at 5:49 pm! Julie completed our family of 5 and brought joy and sunshine into all our lives. She still brightens our lives every day! Happy Birthday Jules!❤️🎂🎊🎉🎄

    Lunches with Ian and Andrew

    Gramma Jan and Andrew, November 16th
    Gramma Jan and Ian November 17th
    Gramma Jan and Ian  November 17th

    My, these boys are developing!!

    Andrew and Ian invited us to join them for lunch at their school this week, an early Thanksgiving celebration.  We did not want to miss an opportunity to spend time with these special grandchildren, so off we went to their school in Decatur on Wednesday (lunch with Andrew) and Thursday (lunch with Ian).

    They were perfect hosts, guiding us through the lunch line, making sure we got our meal and drink, helping us be seated at the child sized tables, and entertaining us throughout the meal with chatter about their day, classmates, what they are going to do after school, et cetera.

    It was a grand experience, and reminded us how quickly these little boys are turning into fine young men.  It also reminded us how thankful we are to live close by and be able to drop in for celebrations like this.

    Thank you Andrew and Ian.  We love you guys!

    Mike and Jennifer Visit Atlanta

    Nice family!  We enjoyed your visit!!
    Nice family! We enjoyed your visit!!

    We started 2016 with a visit by Jennifer, Mike, and Christopher Lombardo and Jennifer’s mom (and Bill’s sister) Sarah.  They spent the better part of a week with us and we had a great time visiting and showing off Atlanta’s sightseeing high spots.

    Photos of their visit are in the 2016 Gallery.  Click here to view them.

    Mom and I are truly blessed …

    Thanks to our wonderful children and their spouses for treating Mom and me to a great celebration of our forty (yep, you read that right — forty as in four zero) years of marriage.  We gathered on January 23rd at John and Sharon’s home in Lilburn for an evening of visiting, eating, and reminiscing over years of family history.  It was a great, relaxed evening that Mom and I will remember fondly forever. (more…)

    Initial Meeting with Oncologist

    Jan & I met with Dr Colleen Austin and her staff on February 2, starting the process that will lead to her chemotherapy treatments.  We both liked Dr Austin a lot, and feel very comfortable with her managing the chemotherapy stage of Jan’s treatment.

    Chemotherapy will begin as soon as a barrage of tests is completed, including a PET CT scan, an MRI, an Echo-cardiogram, and a nuclear stress test.  These are done to establish base lines against which later tests can be measured.  She will also have a port for administering the chemotherapy drugs installed.  All but the PET CT scan are scheduled to be completed Thursday and Friday of this week; the PET CT is still unscheduled but will happen as soon as possible so we can get the treatment under way.

    We will attend a Chemotherapy 101 orientation given by Dr Austin’s staff Friday afternoon; Julie will attend it with us so she will be prepared to stand in to support Jan during treatments & recovery if necessary.

    Jan will receive eighteen weeks of weekly treatments using a combination of Taxotere, Carboplatin, and Herceptin (TCH).  At the first session, she will receive all three drugs.  In the second and third sessions, she will only receive Herceptin.  The three week cycle will be repeated 6 times.  After the eighteen week course of treatment, Herceptin will be administered for the next eight months to make sure the disease is in remission.  Dr Austin indicated that the sessions in which all three drugs are administered will be the difficult sessions.

    Our meeting with Dr Austin was stressful, as it brought Jan face to face with what she will face over the next four months.  She received all of this quite well.  I was proud of how she handled it, and look forward to getting her treatment under way.

    Jan’s Breast Cancer

    Jan was diagnosed with breast cancer in mid-December, 2009, and underwent surgery to remove the tumor from her breast and a few affected lymph nodes on January 25th, 2010.  She will receive chemotherapy, followed by additional treatment to be determined based on the results of chemotherapy.  We are thankful that the cancer was found in its early stages, and are fortunate to have found marvelous medical resources for her.  We are confident that her outcome will be the best possible.

    We are thankful for your support.


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