Ian is 6!!

    Happy Birthday Ian!!

    Grandma Jan and I had the privilege of attending the celebration of his sixth birthday with his friends on September 27th at James and Gretchen’s Decatur home. The weather was great and the kids enjoyed being able to run and play outdoors. Ian’s guests were a nice mix of his kindergarten classmates plus neighborhood friends.

    It was a great party.  Ian was a great host greeting every arrival with a big hug and cheery hello, and Gretchen and James did a masterful job of keeping the kids busy and entertained throughout the afternoon. (more…)

    HippoHopping with the Hood Circle Trio

    This is school break week for Ian and Andrew, and Oliver does not go to school on Tuesdays, so Grandma Jan and I took the opportunity to take the trio on another outing .  We’ve been to most of the kid oriented entertainment places in the Decatur area and were casting about for something new.  The Southern Museum with its trains, Civil War history, and kid oriented activities has been on our list, but it was a bit far for the time available so we tried a new (to us) place called HippoHopp located close to REI on I-85. It looked to be a place that would consume lots of energy. (more…)

    Gallery Updates

    We’ve actually been quite busy, although you wouldn’t know it from our (lack of) posts here!  I’m sure Jan has a plan to make me atone for my sins of omission, but while she was coming up with something I got busy and posted a few new photos to our Gallery. (more…)

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