Sarah has been busy …

    Sarah's new home is marked with purple pin; Jen's home with red pin.
    Sarah’s new home is marked with a purple pin; Jen’s home with a red pin.

    Since we departed from Sarasota in February Sarah has maintained a pace that makes me want a nap!

    If you recall, Farah and her children moved into Sarah’s 2 bedroom apartment in February due to Farah’s job change.  Sarah and Jen took on the caretaker role for Farah’s children while she worked, keeping both Jen and Sarah busy.

    In the midst of this (late April), Sarah happened upon a house in foreclosure that was located 150 feet from Jennifer and Mike’s home.  It was too good an opportunity to pass up.  At that time Sarah walked or biked 1.3 miles to visit Jen, Mike, and Christopher.  The new location meant that she could easily pop in to visit and help with the children. Better yet, Jen and Mike would be readily available to help Sarah as her needs increased.

    The issues surrounding purchasing the house out of foreclosure are too numerous to recount here, but in the end her tenacity and attention to details prevailed and she closed on the house in mid-June.  She has been repairing and improving the house since, and moved in last week. (more…)

    Julie named Community Manager of the Year

    Gables Residential plaque announcing Julie as the corporation's Community Manager of the Year
    Julie was recognized as Gables Residential’s corporate Community Manager of the Year in February of 2014

    This should be titled “Hiding your light under a bushel #1”, but we will let her off the hook since Julie did let me know and I neglected to post it for our readers.

    Julie was named corporate Community Manager of the Year by Gables Residential in February of 2014.  This is quite an honor, as she was competing for the award with all Gables Residential’s Community Managers.

    We are confident that her selection was largely influenced by her successful rollout of the Gables Emory Point property, one of two premier properties in Gables Residential’s property portfolio (the other being in Texas). (more…)

    Hiding your light under a bushel …

    I found this in the News section at the Caplan | Cobb web site when researching it for our updated Links page.

    July 25, 2014
    On August 22, 2014, Caplan Cobb partner James W. Cobb will present at the Georgia Bar’s annual seminar on Contract Litigation. Mr. Cobb’s presentation topic is Recent Developments in the Law of Arbitration.

     The seminar is put on by the Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Georgia.

    Kudos to James!

    Oliver’s Second Birthday

    Oliver prepares to blow out the candles on his birthday cupcakes. Others stand by in case he needs help 🙂

    Oliver’s second birthday party was a big occasion this year serving as his birthday celebration, a “coming out” party for Everett, and Izabella’s four month celebration. Thanks to Gretchen and James for taking the time out of their busier than ever schedules to put on the celebration. (more…)

    Innkeeper’s Gazette changes

    We have reorganized Innkeeper’s Gazette from a traditional static web site containing a blog into a blog driven web site. The goal remains the same — to present family news and photos — but the blog format should make it easier to update our readers quickly as things happen. We tried the format during our Europe trip last fall and found that the approach worked well.


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