High Fives for Jan!!

    Jan has reached a huge milestone — she wrapped up her chemotherapy and radiation treatments last Friday, August 13th!!

    She will continue to receive Herceptin infusions once every three weeks until the end of the year but we aren’t counting them as they have no negative side effects and little impact on our lifestyle.

    We will meet with her Oncologist before the next Herceptin infusion for an examination and hopefully an update on the medical community’s perception of her progress in beating the beast.  All indications are positive and we anticipate a good report.  Her hair and energy levels are increasing daily (the former being much more important :-)), and radiation burns are decreasing.

    It has been a long run for her … for both of us … and I am pleased that she has come through this with her positive attitude intact and her health on the upswing.

    Thanks to all of you for your interest, love, and support over the past eight months.  Our journey would have been much more difficult without your kind words and support.

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