Midway through cycle 5!

    My apologies for not posting anything in almost a month. May has been a month of ups and downs, and posting here took a temporary back seat.

    Cardinal at Mom's feeder

    The short story is that as of the half way point in cycle 5 Jan is again enjoying her favorite foods and activities. A longer version would have to mention that cycle 5’s effects were a lot worse and lasted a day longer than cycle 4’s (see the April 28 posting). Even though a change in the infusion schedule (moving infusion day from Tuesdays to Thursdays) gave Jan two extra recovery days at the end of cycle 4, the extra time did not seem to make a difference. She experienced ten days of weakness and discomfort — much longer than previous cycles considering that the discomfort began the day of the infusion and did not let up for ten days (as opposed to previous cycles when the discomfort started on day three). As a result, Jan is not looking forward to cycle 6 and is taking every opportunity to do the things she enjoys while she is feeling good.

    Cycle 6 will begin on June 3 and will run through June 23.  After a short break, she will begin radiation treatments.  During the break, she is looking forward to a visit in Florida with cousin Claire.

    Thanks to all who have provided the encouragement, food, and love that helps Jan and me keep our spirits up.

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