Day 9 of the Fourth Cycle

    Jan and Ian
    Jan and Ian

    We completed day 9 of the fourth infusion cycle today, and Jan has finally shaken off the effects of the chemotherapy she received on day one. Both of us have been surprised at the length of this recovery period, but have been assured by Jan’s medical team that all is well.  According to them, the effects of the treatments accumulate and we are seeing the impact of the accumulation.

    We visited with Jan’s surgeon today, and she received a “thumbs up” on her recovery from the surgery in which the tumor and lymph nodes were removed.  We will not visit with him again until chemotherapy and radiation treatments are completed.

    She and I stopped by a sandwich shop for lunch and to celebrate the good news, and since she was feeling up to more time away from the house we decided to call James & Gretchen to see if we could drop by for a quick visit.  Jan had not met new grandson Andrew (who is a week old) due to her slow recovery, and now that she was beginning to feel better, really wanted to meet him.  When we called, it turned out that they were close by returning baby items, and had time to join us at the sandwich shop for a quick visit!!  Hooray!!

    We had a great visit, and Jan has felt great since.  Click here to see a few photos of the visit.

    Jan is convinced that her turnaround was the result of our fortuitous meeting with James, Gretchen, Ian, and Andrew.  I’m convinced I’ll send her to visit Ian and Andrew immediately after the fifth cycle begins.

    Closing out the third cycle

    Jan has had a great week since her Herceptin infusion last Tuesday.  She felt good enough to pay Starbucks several visits, attend a PEO social event, and join the family in celebrating son John’s birthday.  The week was capped off by a visit from John and Jo Anne Caldwell today; they were en route to Nashville from John’s ??th high school reunion in Madison, Georgia.

    We’re counting on good days continuing through Tuesday when she has her next infusion session.  This will be the beginning of the fourth cycle (out of 6) so we are making progress!  The first infusion of each cycle includes Taxotere and Carboplatin in addition to Herceptin.  If she reacts to this infusion in the same way she reacted to the other three similar infusions, Thursday through Sunday (April 22 – 25) will be difficult days and recovery will begin Sunday / Monday.  Here’s hoping we beat the plan.

    Jan will stay with John and Sharon this coming Friday and Saturday nights, freeing me to help Atlanta Motorcycle Club run AHRMA dirt track races in Washington Georgia on Saturday.  Thanks for helping out John & Sharon.

    Our thoughts are with the Lancaster family.  We learned that Aubrey’s father Hilton passed away yesterday.  We’re confident that Aubrey greeted him with open arms.  Godspeed Hilton.

    Friday the 9th

    Jan sailed through the dreaded major chemo session Tuesday a week ago (March 30) with a minimum of negative side effects.  This was a pleasant surprise given what she experienced after the last major chemo session.

    However she felt kinda “low and tired” over the weekend, and by the time we arrived at this week’s infusion session (Herceptin only) the medical staff thought she was a bit dehydrated.  They pumped in an extra quart (OK — it was only a pint, but our motorcycling friends will appreciate “add a quart”. )

    She is doing fine now, and looking forward to a good weekend.

    We aren’t out of the woods yet, but we are much encouraged by the way Jan’s treatment is progressing and her increased ability to cope with the physical and emotional discomfort associated with the treatment.

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